The Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Layout/Head of National Land Agency issued the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of National Land Agency Regulation No 5 Year 2017 concerning Electronic Land Information Services.

The land information services can be given electronically through electronic system in the form of land information service application that is provided by the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Layout (“Ministry of ATR“).

The electronic land information services consist of:

  1. checking of land title certificates;
  2. information letter on land registration;
  3. information of textual and/or spatial data;
  4. information of land value zone;
  5. information on coordinate points;
  6. information of data package of global navigation satellite system (GNSS)/continuously operating reference system (CORS);
  7. land map information;
  8. spatial planning information; and
  9. other information services that will be stipulated further.

The above mentioned information can only be submitted electronically by:

  1. holders of land rights/or their proxy
  2. Land Conveyancing Officer;
  3. Notary;
  4. State Auction Office;
  5. Surveyor Service Office of Licensed Cadaster;
  6. bank;
  7. other parties set by the minister.

The submission of information may be submitted after the applicant has been registered in the land information service application. After registering, the applicant will obtain an identity which will be used as an identification in the application. The identity contains username and password. The identification is the main requirement for accessing the electronic land information services. The electronic land information services can be accessed after land data is available in the database of Ministry of ATR. In case the database is not yet available, the application must be done manually.

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This information service is charged according to the provisions of the laws of Republic Indonesia, and the payment shall be made through collecting bank not later than 3 (three) days after the date of application submission. The application can be processed after application data and application payment confirmed by the system or land office. If within 3 (three) days applicant has not yet made a payment, then the application cancelled and applicant must re-register.

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