Regulation No. 4 is issued on 2015 by the Minister of Agrarian Affairs or the Head of the National Land Agency. This regulation is about the Agrarian National Program and also known as Permenag No. 4/2015. This regulation is issued in order to accelerate and support the land certification completion though Prona or Agrarian National Program. This regulation has been applied since 17 April 2015 and cancels the Regulation No. 1 that is issued in 2015 by the Minister of Agrarian Affairs or the Head of the National Land Agency. However, the provision under Article No. 15 about the revocation of decision that is made by the Minister of Home Affairs No. 189 that is issued in 1981 that is related with Agrarian National Operational Project is still applied.

The Purpose and Definition of Prona

Basically, Prona is a collection of land mass certification in certain administrative area on village or regency or other designation. Prona is created in order to provide services of land registration with simple process for the first time. Prona also provides services that are fast, easy, and affordable as well in order to support and accelerate the process of land registration in every part of Indonesia to ensure the land rights legal certainty. The Prona’s targets are the plots of land that have not controlled, certified, or owned by any legal entities or individuals or religious and social institutions.

Subject and Subject of Prona

Subjects of Prona are Indonesia’s citizen or religious and social institutions or legal entities in Indonesia. The Prona’s objects are including:

  1. Former adat land;
  2. State land;
  3. Land that is located in similar area with sub district or village.
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The lands that are mentioned above might come in the form of agricultural land, non agricultural land, plantation land, or land that is owned by religious or social institutions or legal entities.

The land that is non agricultural that is located in the capital of regency or administrative city in Java Island or in the capital of province can be the Prona’s object if the size is maximum 200 meter square. The land that is agricultural can be Prona’s object if:

  1. In Java Island, the land is one hectare maximum;
  2. Outside the Java Island, the land is two hectares maximum.

The land that is used as plantation includes the house or buildings in the area can be Prona’s object if:

  1. In Java Island, the land is two hectares maximum;
  2. Outside the Java Island, the land is four hectares maximum.

The land that is owned by social entities, religious institutions, or legal entities can be Prona’s object if the size of the land is 500 meter square maximum.


Scope of Prona

The Prona’s scope is including counseling, determination of location, collection of evidence, data, land rights, land plots measurement, land examination, announcement (when dealing with adat land), issuance in legalization or ratification of juridical data and physical data, issuance in certificates, and certificates delivery.

Mobilization Team

Mobilization team is used to ensure the completion of ach phase in Prona. This team is established by the Head of National Land Agency or the Minister of Agrarian Affairs. The duties of mobilization team are including:

  1. Collecting administrative data;
  2. Collecting juridical and physical data;
  3. Mapping and measuring plots
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Maria Ferina Tyas Hapsari