Regulation published by the Minister of Public Works or also renowned as Permen PU No. 11/2014 happens to be the regulation which controls the management of rainwater on buildings and its land. This regulation is the application of the previous laws which are issued in 2002 and about the building. It states that every building needs to be provided with funnelling rainwater as one of the prerequisites of hygienic system.

The regulation which was made by the government was published to recognize the management of rainwater on buildings and its land as efficient as possible so that it can prevent the damage to the citizen resulted from rainwater.

The application of Rainwater Management on Buildings and Its Land

The right way on how to manage the rainwater is done by considering a number of factors. First is about the common pattern of the rainwater management includes the buildings and its land which encompasses the basic concepts and advantages that associated with this matter. Secondly, how to apply the instruments aimed to support the process of managing the rainwater as well as the buildings and lands. The last factor is about the phases of the application of the management of rainwater which is related to both buildings and its effect to the land.

The application instruments for the handling of rainwater and its effect on buildings and land includes:

  1. Information about the typical region where the management is conducted. It is related with the type of land, landscape, the ground water, and the facilities to manage the rainwater.
  2. Instrument used on the recent building consisting information about urban plan, building license, and credentials of possible function; and
  3. Instrument used on the old building involving the form inspection of the application of management, notification report of dealing with rainwater and written report of that management.
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The Authorization of Obligatory Status of Rainwater Management towards Buildings and Land

Each regency/city government has authorization to regulate obligatory status of the management of rainwater and its effect towards buildings and land, precisely:

  1. Obligatory status of dealing with rainwater rank of 95, that is the bottommost daily rainfall similar to or exceed 95% of current rainfall; and
  2. Obligatory status of handling with rainwater depends on particular hydrological examination.

Obligatory status of rainwater management in particular area is authorized by the province where that area is located.  For instance, the building which is placed out in the area of Capital City of Jakarta is authorized by the government who has responsibility about this matter in this province. The same way happens to other provinces in Indonesia.

Guidance and Civic Role

Government, regional government and regency/city government are coerced to do the development which is related to the actual steps in managing rainwater by doing these activities:

  1. Regulation;
  2. Authorization; and
  3. Surveillance

The development done to recognize the system on how to manage the rainwater when it comes to the  building and affected  land is based on the procedures which have been decided, whether it is associated with socializing to the public, train them to deal with the problem or afford the technology to assist ideal way to handle with rainwater.