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Condominiums Built Over Waqf Land

Currently, construction of Condominiums is growing rapidly, considering the demand for housing is increasing. In this regard, in order to accomodate the people’s need for housing, the Law No. 20 Year of 2011 on Condominium (“Condominium Law”) stipulates that...

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Criminal Action related to Condominium

Background Since the validity of Law Number 20 of 2011 on Condominium (“Condominium Law”) , there are a lot of changes as the consequence to the revocation of Law Number 16 of 1985 on Condominium which is the previous regulation on condominum. One of the changes are...

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The Function of the Condominium House Rule

According to the Law of Republic of Indonesia Number 20 of 2011 of Condominium (“Law No.20/2011”), Condominium is highrise building built in an environment divided into parts and structured functionally, either horizontally or vertically, and the respective units can...

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