The Government of Indonesia issued Regulation of the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Number 19 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Building Permits (“IMB”) and Certificate of Feasible Function (“SLF”) of Building through Integrated Business Licensing Electronically (“Permen PUPR No.19/2018 “). Permen PUPR No. 19/2018 was enacted to provide acceleration, easement, and improvement of services on building permits and also for business licensing reforms to facilitate the implementation of permits.

IMB Issuance

Business actors who have obtained IMB through OSS shall fulfill IMB commitments through the Building Management Information System (“SIMBG“). The SIMBG is operated by the Regency / City Regional Government or DKI Jakarta Government.

Fulfillment of IMB commitments is carried out by completing:

  • proof of ownership status of land rights or proof of agreement on land use;
  • building owner data; and
  • Technical building plans, which consists of at least (i) architecture plan; (ii) structure plan; (iii) utility plan.

Business actors shall fulfill commitments in IMB within 30 (thirty) days after the issuance of the IMB. If the IMB requires the completion of the Environmental Impact Assessment (“AMDAL“) document, fulfillment of the IMB commitment is carried out no later than 30 (thirty) days after fulfillment of the AMDAL commitment.

The technical plan shall obtain technical consideration from the Building Expert Team (“TABG“). If the technical plan does not meet the requirements, the SIMBG gives a statement to OSS that the IMB is effective. However, if the technical plan does not meet the requirements, the SIMBG gives a statement to the OSS that the IMB is canceled.

Sources  Procedures on Submitting an Objection and Consignation of Compensation to District Court in Land Procurement for Public Interest Development

SLF Issuance:

Business actors who apply for IMB through OSS must apply for SLF through SIMBG. The following is some of the requirements that must be met to apply for the issuance of SLF:

  • technical drawings of constructed building (as-built drawings);

  • statement from the supervisor or Construction Management for the new building or from Technical Examiners for existing building that the constructed building is in accordance with the IMB and feasible function; and

  • supporting attachments that states the feasibility function of the building

Declaration of feasibility functions by the supervisor or construction management or technical assessor as mentioned above is made after a feasibility functional check. Supervisors or construction management or technical reviewers are the expert in building.

The local government checks the completeness of the requirements for the application for SLF issuance submitted through the SIMBG. If the application requirements are completed, OSS will issue SLF no later than 3 days after the local government notifies that the requirements are completed. If the requirements are not completedt, the local government will notify OSS that the SLF cannot be issued.

Monica Yohanna Sembiring