The Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency’s Electronic-Based Government System (“SPBE of Ministry”) is the administration of government by the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency that utilizes information and communication technology to provide services to SPBE of Ministry users.1

The SPBE of Ministry is formed to support the implementation of the Ministry’s duties in carrying out clean, effective, transparent, and accountable government affairs in the agrarian/land and spatial planning sector as well as the public services.2

SPBE of Ministry users are central agencies, local governments, state civil servants, individuals, communities, business actors, and other parties who use the SPBE of Ministry.3

The following is the services of SPBE of Ministry:

  1. Electronic-based government administration services, that is the SPBE of Ministry service that supports the internal management of the bureaucracy to improve the performance and accountability of the Ministry;4 and
  2. Electronic-based public services, that is the SPBE of Ministry services that support the implementation of public services in accordance with the duties and functions of the Ministry.5

As planned, the SPBE of Ministry will create 2 (two) types of applications, namely general application and special application. General application is SPBE application that is the standard and used by central agencies and/or local governments, while special application is SPBE application that is built, developed, used, and managed by certain central agencies or local governments to meet specific needs, but not the needs of other central agencies or local governments.6 The type of application that will load public services is a special application one.7

Sources  Real Estate Law - Income Tax from Transfer and Conditional Sales and Purchase Agreement of Land and/or Building

It is hoped that this SPBE of Ministry can cover a wide range of public services, starting from the information center, correspondence, complaints, and licensing (or submitting applications).

Mohamad Fajar Hasiolan


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